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Social Impact

We are not Spectators

Society is facing some of its greatest challenges. Climate change, biodiversity and inequality are causing widespread disruption.
Businesses and brands are under pressure to respond and citizens are calling for change. As a global leader in media and digital communications, we understand the power we have to influence how people think,feel and act. We are not simply spectators.

We have an opportunity, a responsibility and the privilege to partner with our people, clients and society through this disruption.We can merge data, technology and creativity in a way that helps create lasting good and a brighter, richer, and more sustainable future for everyone. ​This purpose sits at the heart of our business strategy and culture. And as a global organisation of 46,000 passionate people, we have the creativity, skills and potential to make this happen. It starts with insight and ideas, and a vision of a better future. Together we can inspire people everywhere towards a new way of living. Our Social Impact strategy identifies the areas where we can make the biggest difference.

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Sustainable World

Accelerating the transition to a
low-carbon and more sustainable future and inspire and enable others to join this movement.

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Fair & Open Society

Ensuring our people and the people around us are treated fairly and have opportunity. 

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Digital for Good

Ensuring the positive potential of communications is realised; building trust and transparency, and enhancing lives. 

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Being a force for good

Sustainability Initiatives & Business Strategy

Report 2023
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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Report 2022
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